Purchasing a car mat is just as important as purchasing any other automotive accessory. Your car mats are essential for protecting your interior, and if you don’t take the time to select the right ones, you could end up with damaged carpets or flooring in no time. To help guide you through this decision, here are some tips for how to choose the perfect car mat:

1. Consider Size & Fit: The size of your car mats matter since having too large or too small a mat will not only look awkward, but it can also cause unwanted slippage or crumpling. It is important to ensure that the size, shape and fit of your car mat are appropriate for all passengers who will be riding in the vehicle. Ensure that all passengers including those in the front, back and sides have ample room and enough protection from dirt and debris.

2. Choose Material: Car mats come in different materials such as rubber, vinyl, fabric and carpeting - each one serving a different purpose and providing different levels of protection to your vehicle’s interior surfaces. Depending on how much wear and tear you expect from your car mats, you can choose options according to their durability that best fit your needs without compromising comfort.

3. Consider Heel Shields: Heel shields offer additional protection against dirt, mud and grime from entering vehicle interiors by creating an extra level of cover on the edges of the car mat where scuff marks can easily form with every step taken within a vehicle cabin. If you think investing in heel shields is worth it – then go for it!

4. Look into Waterproof Options: If spills are bound to happen inside of your vehicle either from food items or other liquids – research waterproof options such as rubber or PVC-coated material which offer additional liquids protection over regular fabric-based ones which run the risk getting stained or degraded when exposed over extended periods of time with water drips and splashes.

5. Customize If You Can: Ensure that if you have an SUV or larger than life sized cars – make sure to shop around for customized carpet floor liners or floor mats that fit perfectly into specific moulded contours unique to larger vehicles like SUVs which provide added superior coverage while shielding surrounding parts from damage due to wear and tear over long periods of usage overtime at frequent intervals of timings .

At last but not least , always remember - quality matters more than price when selecting mats for your ride .With these few tips , we hope this helps you find the perfect set of car mats for yourself !
January 24, 2023 — Dr Al shaimaa