About Adrian

Who Are We?

Adrian is a company established in
1969. We have more than 500 products under our trademark. to provide maximum comfort inside your vehicle.

What's our Vision?

We have created an exceptional
product that is not only affordable but reliable and durable. We strive to protect and maintain your vehicle as low as possible.

What's our Mission?

Our floor mats are designed by a
team of engineers with over 30 years of experience in the auto accessories industry while staying true to our philosophy of "Style, Quality, and Protection". All 3D products are manufactured in our own facilities, and we have fully staffed offices/distribution centers in Saudi Arabia and GCC

We hand 3D scan and measure each vehicle to ensure it will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Our products are made from 100% recyclable materials.


Can you tell me when my order will be shipped?

All orders will be shipped within 4 - 6 days business day except for special circumstances, such as the backorder or pre order.
If your order was not shipped more than 6 business days, please contact us with your order number to get quick support.

I bought the wrong items/ the items were not compatible with my vehicle.

Please contact us or submit the request to get quick support.

I have not received my order. Is something wrong?

a. For the order in transit, please kindly wait an additional 1-2 days to get your package.
b. For the order was delivered but not received, please contact us to get support.
c. For the order not be shipped over 2 business days, please contact us to get support.
d. If the tracking info is still no updates regarding where your package is and it’s stating your order is on its way to the next facility. Please contact us to get support. 

I want to cancel my order.

You can simply cancel the order through our website. If you are unable to do so, you can contact customer service directly, and they will take care of that for you.

How can I return my order?

You can communicate with customer service directly, by sending the name of the order owner, the order number, and a picture of the order, and we will be available around the clock to serve you.

Do you ship outside KSA?

Unfortunately, ADRIAN ship to KSA (Domestic shipment) at the moment. but you can conact us for farther information.

Do you have any discount? How to use discount/ coupon code?

Sure, You can found it on our website and social media platforms.

When getting a coupon code, please put the code into the box to apply to the order at checkout.

Do you have any installation video for my vehicle?

Yes, please check our YouTube channel.

FAQs For Floor Liners

Do these have cleats under them? Do these mats move or are they secured well?

No, these have not. They are secured well. We used stiffened locker and factory retention devices to keep liners securely placed.

Will this product work with a manual transmission car? I don't want the clutch getting stuck on the edge of the mat.

Please contact our customer service.

Will dirt, sand, and/or snow get in between the hump and the 2nd row floor mats?

No, they won't. The surface channels and 3D edge design will keep all of dirt, sand, and snow in the liner.

Do they smell?

No, they don't.

Do I need to make holes to screw into the floor?

No, you don't need make holes on your car floor. We use factory retention to keep liners securely placed. 

When I look at the pictures of the floor liners there are holes in the mats. What are those for?

The holes are for the snaps to secure car liner.

What are the dimensions of this item?

You can find the information in product specification.

Does it overlap the door sill so that liquids drain off without getting onto the carpet?

No, it doesn't overlap the door sill. But our liner's surface channel and 3D edge design will keep all the dirt, sand, and snow in the liner.

Do they feel more like plastic/hard shell or rubber soft shell?

Our car liners feel more like rubber soft shell.

How to cleaning and maintenance?

We suggest cleaning your liners with soapy water and a soft brush. Citrus based cleaners will remove any oily residue. To regain some of the luster, try Windex or a good quality automotive detailer spray. Do not use Armor All as it will make your liners slippery.

Do I have to trim my Floor Liners?

No, you don't need to. Our custom fit car liners will fit your vehicle from edge to edge.

Why don’t you make floor liners for all vehicles?

Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment. We are working on making more vehicles liners. Please contact our customer service and let us know what are you looking for.

How do I remove the floor liners from my car?

Our floor liners are easy to remove. Please unlock factory retention devices and take out liners with care.

Is car liners a plastic material?

No, it isn't. It made by 100% new TPE.

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