Read ADRIAN's shipping policy carefully before placing your orders online on the ADRIAN website.


When you buy from our website it usually takes 1-2 working days for ADRIAN to arrange it and send it back to the delivery company, so that you get your order to your doorstep within 4 - 6 days.


Please note that products ordered through ADRIAN are delivered with boxes and bags, please keep them the same way you receive them if you want to return them.

 Please note that these areas are not covered for a temporary period. Please choose the nearest available city
For those areas not covered by the northern borders, which are: Arar, Sakaka, Hafar Al-Batin, Wadi Al-Dawasir, and Al-Khafji.

The delivery company receives the shipment from us without opening it and delivers it to the customer closed as it was received from us, and they are not entitled to open the shipment at all.


If you wish to cancel your online order purchased and placed on ADRIAN for any personal reasons:

If you have made a purchase and the shipment has been sent to you, the order cannot be canceled, and the amount paid from online shopping sites cannot be refunded.


Multiple transactions may result in multiple postings in the cardholder's monthly statement.


If you have made a purchase and the order has not yet been sent, you want to cancel the order, the order amount will be refunded.


Note: If any item of your online order purchased by ADRIAN is canceled for reasons such as "out of stock" or certain restrictions, ADRIAN will proceed to automatically deliver the remainder of your online order items purchased by ADRIAN